Course Category: SafetyNow

Conflict Resolution

This course will provide you with the knowledge to recognize causes of workplace conflict, how to facilitate resolution of conflict and how to manage the

Managing Conflict with a Coworker

This course focuses on ways to constructively resolve conflict with a coworker. It includes what causes workplace conflict, types of conflict and how to resolve

Violence & Aggression at Work

This course will cover the types of violence at work and strategies on how to prevent them. It will also cover potential indicators of workplace

Safety Audits

Despite OSHA not requiring it, a voluntary safety audit program is a sound business practice that demonstrates a company’s interest in and commitment to continuous improvement of its health and safety effort.

Flammable Liquid Safety

There are many uses for flammable and combustible liquids. They often are used in day-to-day operations at industrial and commercial sites as fuels, solvents, and cleaners.

Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employers

Assessment of impairment at work may prove to be the most difficult aspect of designing and implementing policies regarding use of marijuana, as testing for drug and alcohol use remains one of the most contentious contemporary issues in workplace law.

Behavior-Based Safety

This lesson introduces behavior-based safety concepts to employees and creates awareness around what influences employees to change unsafe behaviors before an accident or injury happens.