Course Category: Safety Leadership

Building FRAR PPE Programs: Key Factors to Consider

This course presents an overview of the main factors to consider in establishing or building an FR/AR PPE program, including thermal hazard risk assessment, NFPA 70E Risk Assessment Procedure, PPE best practices, and factors to consider in PPE/clothing decisions.

Simplify Your Safety Data Collection & Put it to Work!

This course will cover steps to simplifying your data collection process, the advantages technology brings to your safety program, the importance of real-time response, and how to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

NextGen EHS – Technologies Impacting your Future

New technologies are emerging rapidly, and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for applying innovative approaches to Environmental, Health, Safety to drive safety performance, lower costs, improve oversight and increase skills. This course will discuss these technologies and why understanding them is critical for success.