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Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety

Operating aerial lifts safely requires preventive maintenance and conditioning of machinery, as well as a lot of considerations before even turning on the key, because the majority of aerial lift accidents happen because of a lack of training or inattention.

Behavior-Based Safety

This lesson introduces behavior-based safety concepts to employees and creates awareness around what influences employees to change unsafe behaviors before an accident or injury happens.

Building FRAR PPE Programs: Key Factors to Consider

This course presents an overview of the main factors to consider in establishing or building an FR/AR PPE program, including thermal hazard risk assessment, NFPA 70E Risk Assessment Procedure, PPE best practices, and factors to consider in PPE/clothing decisions.

Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employers

Assessment of impairment at work may prove to be the most difficult aspect of designing and implementing policies regarding use of marijuana, as testing for drug and alcohol use remains one of the most contentious contemporary issues in workplace law.

Cold Stress

Employers and employees must plan ahead when working in cold conditions.

Developing a Shared Meaning of Safety

Join this dynamic lecture to uncover the most effective ways of rallying your organization behind a shared idea of safety that serves its ultimate purpose – keeping workers away from harm.

Flammable Liquid Safety

There are many uses for flammable and combustible liquids. They often are used in day-to-day operations at industrial and commercial sites as fuels, solvents, and cleaners.

Heat Stress

If you are exposed to heat in your work environment—and if you work outside it is likely that you will be—then the risk of heat stress illness and injury needs serious attention.

How to Create a Just Safety Culture

Based on Todd Conklin’s best-selling book and podcast “Pre-Accident Investigations,” this course will teach you ways that your company can take steps towards creating a fair and just safety culture.

Major Chemical Safety Incidents – A Review of Common Causes

This course will review incident investigations from The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) with a focus on gathering data on common causes & failure modes and severity data, as well as any links between the facility’s EPA compliance history and major incidents.

NextGen EHS – Technologies Impacting your Future

New technologies are emerging rapidly, and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for applying innovative approaches to Environmental, Health, Safety to drive safety performance, lower costs, improve oversight and increase skills. This course will discuss these technologies and why understanding them is critical for success.